New Construction Data Cabling Work in Winston-Salem

Welcome to American Broadband Networks LLC, your leading neighborhood data technician. We specialize in state-of-the-art commercial and industrial new construction data cabling work. We have experience working on both large and small scale projects. Our company is equipped and ready to take on projects that deal with low and medium voltage electricity.

Experienced Low Voltage Contractors in Winston-Salem

At American Broadband Networks LLC, we have carried out several projects in different fields of activity, such as pharmaceuticals, prisons, hospitals, offices, casinos, airports, research centers, data centers, condos, hospitalities, catering and much more.

Since the beginning, we have proudly worked with a professional and well-organized team to accomplish the work that we do. We have built an excellent reputation as specialized low voltage contractors. Always on the lookout for new products, our company is ready to take on challenges and think outside the box. Our passion is to carry out extraordinary projects and we are not afraid to invest in new ways of doing things and purchase specialized equipment. We have access to state-of-the-art, cutting edge technology, techniques and tools that are designed to make data work more efficient and safer. We have the manpower, the equipment, the vehicles, the tools and the insurance and bonds to satisfy any type of data cabling project in Winston-Salem and the surrounding area.

A Friendly and Professional Team of Commercial Data Technicians

Our company consists of permanent employees. We greatly encourage and facilitate team work as well as upgrade on knowledge and skills. New employees are supervised and evaluated by their supervisor. You will never feel like you are not in the hands of qualified professionals when you choose to work with American Broadband Networks LLC.

At the beginning of each project, we carefully choose the most specialized team for the given mandate to offer the client the best service and deliver the project in a timely manner. We encourage communication between our team, our project managers and our clients.

Area Network Safety Is Our Main Priority

Our safety certifications allow us to maintain control over the entire process of executing a contract in the safest, most effective way possible. Our high-purchasing power and excellent business reputation allows us to provide superior service for our clients. During the construction phase, tests and inspections are performed and documented on a constant basis to ensure quality every step of the way. No project is completed without the total satisfaction of our clients. Our premise is to implement a job well done in a collaborative atmosphere that satisfies all stakeholders. We strive to save our clients as much time and money on a project as possible. We perform our work for you as if we were doing it for our very own family members. If you are in Winston-Salem and you want to find out more or want to obtain a quote, call American Broadband Networks LLC today!